Print Pricing



Solid Gallery Canvas Wraps

Our solid faced canvases are printed on museum grade cotton/poly artist material. Canvases are mounted on high density fiber board and foam to keep your images protected.  The canvas backs are seal with a hard backing and mounting hardware to keep out dust.

1.25” Thick Canvas

8x10" $42.00

12x12" $54.00

11x14" $60.00

16x16" $75.00

16x20" $84.00

16x24" $96.00

20x20" $102.00

20x24" $108.00

24x30" $150.00

24x36" $180.00

30x40" $225.00

32x48" $300.00

High Gloss Aluminum Metal

High gloss Metal Prints are printed on high definition, sublimatable aluminum sheets (0.1" thickness) with a white base that allows your image’s rich colors to pop with unprecedented vibrancy. Each print is coated with a protective reflective finish bringing an ultra-modern feel to your studio and clients’ walls. Hanging hardware is pre-installed and includes an inset float frame with nail groove track that is recessed from the print's edges and cannot be seen from the front of the print. All metal prints feature rounded corners.

8x10" - $57.00

11x14" - $75.00

12x12" - $75.00

12x18" - $111.00

16x24" - $177.00

20x20" - $192.00

20x30" - $270.00

24x36" - $390.00

Professional Linen Prints

Our prints are printed on E-Surface Paper to ensure accurate color, lifelike skin tones, realistic saturation, archival quality and a deep linen finish t, giving them a fine art feel (and a bit of flair)!   This paper type is very durable and is wonderful at hiding fingerprints and minor scratches. 


Print Prices

4 x 6" $1.50

5 x 7 " $4.50

8 x 10" $8.50

8 x 12" $14.00

11 x 14" $27.00

16 x 20" $72.00