Complete List of Gowns

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Every client is different, and each deserves to choose the perfect gown that matches their personality and body.  That is why I have a large variety of maternity gowns, dresses, and tutus for my clients to choose from.  Gowns come from a variety of well-known designers such as TaOpAn by Ana Brandt, Sew Trendy Accessories, Chelsea Celeste Designs, Katharina Hajak Couture, Filly Boo, and J&L Designs. Feel free to browse my collection and let me know what style you are interested in


Sizing Charts for J & L Designs can be found here:


Sizing Charts for Sew Trendy Accessories can be found here:


Silk Fairies Sizing: XS (32 Bra) S (34 Bra) M (36 Bra) L (38 Bra)


All gowns are purchased with the intent to fit a wide range of sizes. Gowns that are too big can be clipped to fit.


Click on the underlined items for a picture. To be redirected to the designer's site to see more details and color swatches please click on their names above.


**Please see Maternity Page, for sizing, preparation, and other information related to your maternity photo session.**


Gowns that are starred (*) are available for use during your Newborn Session

Gowns with (W) are available for Water Sessions

Gowns with (S) are available for Studio Sessions


What to Wear and Wear to Shop list located here



Katharina Hakaj Couture Barbara Soft Pink S/M (Studio Only)


Silk Fairies Nailah Pink S (S)


Filly Boo Candyland Blush Tall 1


Sew Trendy Rebecca Dusty Pink L (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Mariam Dusty Pink L*(S)

Sew Trendy Mariam Blush No Split L*(S)

Sew Trendy Kelly Blush Pink S*(S)

Sew Trendy Colbie Pink Blush M (S)

Sew Trendy Audrey On the shoulder Pink Blush S (S)

Sew Trendy Rachel Blush S (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Jessica Blush XL

Sew Trendy Tracie Blush XS (S)

Sew Trendy Kiara Magenta M*(S)

Sew Trendy Kaitlin Magenta L (S)*

Sew Trendy Rachel Magenta L (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Colbie Magenta L (S)

Sew Trendy Emerlie Magenta M (S)

Sew Trendy Patricia Antique Rose XL*(S)(W)

Sew Trendy Krysten Antique Rose M (S)

Sew Trendy Brittany Antique Rose XL*(S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Fuschia M (S)

Sew Trendy Angela Fuschia M (S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Fuschia M (S)

Sew Trendy Courtney Fuschia M (S)


​MBR Signature Maci Pink Blush L

MBR Signature Penelope Antique Rose 12

MBR Signature Ashley Pink M (S)


J&L Violette Pink Blush M *(W)(S)

J & L Lina Blush M (S)

J &L Katherine Blush XL (No chiffon train)

J&L Seraphine Blush XL (W)(S)

J & L Tutu Pink 0-14(S)

J&L Leslie Pink Blush M(W)

J&L Leah Carnation M/L (S)

J & L Charlotte Magenta S(S)

J&L Oceane Magenta M (S)

J&L Charlotte Blush L (S)

J&L Chloe Dark Mauve S (S)(W)


J & L Tutu Lavender 0-6(S)

J&L Aphrodite Plum L(S)

J&L Violette Plum M *(W)(S)

J&L Genevieve Plum S(S)

J&L Coraline Plum XL*(S)

J&L Chloe Purple M/L(W)(S)

J&L Chloe Lavender M(W)(S)


MBR Signature Penelope Plum 10

MBR Signature Emma Lavender M

Sew Trendy Jessica Periwinkle L (S)

Sew Trendy Roxy Lilac M*(W)(S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Lilac w/chiffon drop sleeves XS (S)

Sew Trendy Audrey Plum S (S)

Sew Trendy Crystal Skirt set Plum M (S)

Sew Trendy Liv Plum M (S)


Taopan Jewel Collection Purple Jewel Average


J&L Chloe Tangerine M/L(W)(S)

J&L Leimomi Tangerine L(S)

J&L Tank Rust XXL (S)

J&L Caroline Orange M (S)

MBR Signature Peach Tulle Peach 12

Sew Trendy Patricia Coral XL* (S)

Sew Trendy Emerlie Peachy Natural L (S)


Katharina Hakaj Couture Barbara Wine S/M (Studio Only)

Katharina Hakaj Couture Paris Wine M (Studio Only)

Katharina Hakaj Couture Elsa Red M(Studio Only)

J&L Savannah Burgundy M

J&L Kanielle Burgundy L/XL*(S)

J & L Marisa Red M*(S)

J&L Studio Set Red M(S)

J&L Chloe Wine M/L(W)(S)

J&L Katherine Burgundy L (S)

J&L Katherine Burgundy M (S)

J&L Katherine Burgundy XL (S)

J&L Belle Red L (S)

J&L Caroline Ruby L (S)

J&L Caroline Red L (S)

MBR Signature Adalaide Burgundy M (S)

MBR Signature Penelope Burgundy 14

MBR Signature Emma Red L (S)

MBR Signature Elise Red sequins 8/10 (S)

Sew Trendy Rebecca Burgundy M (W)(S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Burgundy L (S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Burgundy L (S)

Sew Trendy Fernanda bandeau set Burgundy M (S)

Sew Trendy Emerlie Burgundy L (S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Red S (S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Red S/M (S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Red L (S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Wine S (S)

Sew Trendy Brianna Wine S (No Split)(S)

Sew Trendy Patricia Brick L* (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Valerie Cranberry M (S)(W)

​Taopan Mama Tutu Burgundy Average (S)


No Brand Black Robe 0-8 (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Courtney Black XXL

Sew Trendy Jessica Black S

 Sew Trendy Lynn Black M

MBR Signature Adalade Black M(S)(W)

J&L Fernanda Asymmetrical Black XS/S (S)

J&L Fernanda Double Sleeve Black L (S)


Silk Fairies Alessandra Gown Black L(S)

Silk Fairies Black Body Suit L (S)

Silk Fairies Gia Gown Black S (S)

Silk Fairies Vanessa Gown Black M (S)

Chicaboo Marilyn Gown Black M


J & L Lisa Hunter Green L (S)

J&L Chloe Mint M/L(W)(S)

J&L Lucienne Mint M(S)(W)

J&L Lucienne Mint L (S)(W)

J&L Studio Set Mint M(S)(W)

J&L Quinn Mint S (S)(W)

J&L Jessie Aqua M/L*(S)

J&L Seraphine Aqua XXL(S)

Silk Fairies Luna Gown Forest Green M (S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Evergreen L (S)

Sew Trendy Courtney Evergreen L (S)

Sew Trendy Short sleeve Mariam Moss XXL*(S)

Sew Trendy Rebecca Moss M (S)(W)

Sew Trendy Brianna Moss M* (S)

Sew Trendy Kelly Gown w/long sleeves Moss M (S)

Sew Trendy Kaitlin Moss L (S)*

Sew Trendy Kaitlin Emerald L (S)*

Sew Trendy Roxy Emerald M*(W)(S)

Sew Trendy Rue Emerald M (S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Emerald XL (S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Emeral XXL (S)


Chelsea Celeste Lace Infinity Royal Blue size M (S)


J & L Gisella Turquoise L*(S)

J & L Tutu Royal Blue 0-14(S)

J&L Chloe Navy Blue M/L(W)(S)

J&L Chloe Royal Blue M/L(W)(S)

J&L Malia Royal Blue L*(W)(S)

J&L Ruffle top Blue Rain M/L (S)

J & L Jessie Blue Rain M*(S)

J & L Jessie Teal S (Cut to length 46")

J&L Violette Teal M/L *(W)(S)

J&L Caroline Jade M (S)

J&L  Leia Jade L(S)

J&L Caroline Royal Blue L (S)


Silk Fairies Navy Ombre Fitted (S)

MBR Signature Penelope Navy Blue 14

MBR Signature Adalade Navy Blue M (S)

MBR Signature Emma Blue L* (S)

Sew Trendy Rebecca Tiffany Blue XS (S)

Sew Trendy Kelly Teal M*(W)(S)

Sew Trendy Rachel Teal L

Sew Trendy Krysten Teal XXL (S)

Sew Trendy Kaitlin Teal L (S)*

Sew Trendy Jessica Peacock M (S)

Sew Trendy Leah Peacock M/L

Sew Trendy Krysten Royal Blue S (S)

Sew Trendy Krysten Royal Blue L (S)

Sew Trendy Mariam Royal Blue M*(S)

Sew Trendy Jessica Royal Blue L (S)

Sew Trendy Hera Royal Blue L (S)

Sew Trendy Kaitlin Royal Blue L (S)*

Sew Trendy Jessica Navy S (S)

Sew Trendy Emerlie Steel Blue XL (S)

Sew Trendy Rebecca Blue Rain XXS (W)(S)

Sew Trendy Audrey Blue Rain XS (S)

Sew Trendy Rachel Baby Blue w/Sleeves S (S)

Sew Trendy Patricia Blue Rain XL* (S)

Sew Trendy Emerlie Blue Rain S (S)


J & L Belle Mustard L

MBR Emma Gold

MBR Elise Gold


No Brand White Tulle Gown 0-10 (S)(W)

No Brand Ivory Tulle Gown 0-10 (S)(W)

No Brand White Robe 0-8 (S)(W)

Katharina Hakaj Couture Paris Gown Nude Blush S (Studio Only)

Katharina Hakaj Couture Paris Gown Nude Blush L (Studio Only)

Filly Boo Wonder Years Ivory 0-6 (S)

Filly Boo Georgie's Girl Nothing But Love white XL

Sew Trendy Audrey White L (S)

Sew Trendy Kelly White XXL*(S)

Sew Trendy Mariam Long Sleeve White XL*(S)

Sew Trendy Mariam White M*(S)

(Out of Inventory for a moment) Sew Trendy Jessica White XXL

Sew Trendy Jessica White S

Sew Trendy Emerlie White M

Sew Trendy Hera Ivory S

Sew Trendy Elia Ivory L*(S)(W)

MBR Signature Maci Ivory L (S)(W)

MBR Signature Adalade White M(S)(W)

Taopan Goddess White Average(S)(W)


J&L Willa White M (S)

J&L Chloe White M(W)(S)

J&L Savannah White XS

J&L OOAK Upcycled Wedding Gown

J&L Belle White L

J&L Caroline White L

J&L Seraphine Ivory XXL(S)

J&L Seraphine Ivory S

J&L Karina Ivory XL

J & L Tutu White 0-14(S)

J & L Tutu Ivory 0-14(S)

J & L Tutu Champagne 0-14(S)

Silk Fairies Lace Boho White M

Chicaboo Ember Boho Gown M


Chelsea Celeste Lace Infinity Grey size M *(S)

No Brand Gray Tulle Gown 0-10(W)(S)

Katharina Hakaj Couture Barbara Dark Gray S/M (Studio Only)

 J & L Tutu Grey 0-14(S)

J&L Lina Taupe M

Sew Trendy Kiara Gray M*(S)

Sew Trendy Mariam Gray L (S)

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