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What to Wear & Where to Shop

Candids & Colors Where to shop

Planning outfits for photos can be stressful, we what to do our best to minimize the stress so we're providing a list of suggestions of what to wear and where to shop.

The Maternity Session

For your maternity session we make it easy for mom to be, Mom gets to choose gowns from our Gown Collection.   Now what should my significant other wear? Khakis or dark Jeans with a solid color collared top. If they want to really be dressed we have had some show up in suits with different ties and fabric swatch for each dress change. Now for siblings, for girls depending on age and size we may have complimenting outfits we do not have a large variety but feel free to reach out to us and check. Some places to shop; Old Navy, depending on season they have toddler sized tutu dresses that can match some dresses in our inventory, Cream color goes with everything so check Bailey's Blossom,  Joy Folie, Amazon, Trish Scully, Belle & Kai, Dollcake Some of these place like Dollcake can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.  For boys dark jeans or khakis paired with a solid color collared shirt. Try to avoid character shoes, simple strappy sandals and dress shoes work well.

The Newborn Session

Edit AU6B7464.jpg
Newborn Twins
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Best Newborn Photographer
Newborn Family Photos
Sibiling Newborn Photo

We're going to make it easy for Mom again :-).  Mom can choose one of our soft knit flowy gowns to wear for the family portion of the newborn session. For everyone else they should where solid colors. We do prefer light neutrals to avoid color cast on baby's skin.  Places to shop if mom wants to use her own Amazon or Filly boo for light soft tops or dresses. For female siblings; Amazon, Target, Nordstroms, Bailey's Blossom, Joy Folie, Dollcake, Belle & Kai, Trish Scully. For male siblings; jeans or khakis with solid collared shirts.

The Cake Smash Session

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash
Mickey Mouse Smash
Animal Friend's Cake Smash
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Breakfast at Tiffany's Cake Smash

This session is all about Baby so all you have to do is worry about what baby is going to wear. Every single one of the outfits in the pictures above is from Amazon! Even the picture at the top of the page of Little Miss C pushing the Yorkie is from Amazon. Check it out, outfits are usually pretty inexpensive, and most prime clothing has free returns. If you're opposed to Amazon check out Target, Carters, Children's Place,& Old Navy for first birthday outfits.

The Family Session

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Coordinating colors is the trick to getting outfits for your family session. If you shop at places like Old Navy they typically have coordinating items for the entire family. If you want boho and flowy styles check out Baltic Born, Pink Blush, Filly Boo, Free People, Forever 21, Trish Scully, Joy Folie, Bailey's Blossom, Belle & Kai, Dollcake, Zara, and Nordstroms. Have fun shopping. If you need some guidance, feel free to reach out. We will be happy to help you style your session.

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