Maternity Photography Sessions

Maternity sessions are a perfect way to capture that short period of pregnancy.  We love helping mamas feel gorgeous by dressing them up and showing them how gorgeous they are with their new curves.  Clients can choose from our collection of over 150 gowns to style and customize their session.  Clients can choose whether to have a studio, outdoor, or water session, Remember, you won’t be pregnant forever so contact us now to book your custom maternity session today! 

Gown Collection

A complete list of maternity gowns, dresses, and tutus available for our clients can be seen on the Maternity Gowns List page. 

Maternity Photography Sessions Frequently Asked Question

* How far along should I be for a session?


I typically recommend  28-34 weeks, but I've done a session as early as 26 weeks and as late as 41 weeks. I do ask that you let me know ahead of time if you have any restrictions.


* What time of day do these sessions take place?


The ideal time of day for an outdoor maternity session  is approximately 2 hours before sunset. Typically 4pm in the early winter thru early spring and 6pm in the late spring thru early fall. For studio maternity our booking time is more flexible


* How many gowns can I choose from?


Depending on your session 2 -3 gowns.


* What are the gown sizes?


Most of my gowns will fit sizes 0-14, sizes and details are listed with the images in the gown menu. I do carry some bigger sizes please contact me if you have any concerns. I also clip gowns into place if needed during your session to make the fit perfect.


* Can I try on the gowns before the session?


My gowns are not stored in a storefront setting that accommodates prior fittings. Please  read the gown description on each picture as well as checking the size charts on the gown menu to see what you think your size may by per designer.  Gowns that are a little big can be clipped and most gowns are purchased so they fit a range of sizes and have great stretch. If you have sizing concerns please ask us about specific gowns and we can answer your  questions.


*Do I have to use a gown?


Nope.  Gown's are available for your use and it is included in the session, If you would like to wear something else please just discuss with me prior to the photography session.


*Do you provide hair & makeup for your maternity sessions?


No.  Client's are responsible for arranging their hair & makeup prior to their session.  


     Here are some suggestions for Makeup artist near me (click on names to be redirected to their pages):

The Foodie Beauty

Danna Selene (AMAZING!!!!)

Alist Makeup & Hair



* Can my spouse/significant other be included in the session?


Of course! They are encouraged to join, as well as baby's siblings. Check out our What to Wear page



*Is there something specific I should wear if I plan to use one of your gowns?


Please follow these instructions:

  • Water. It is important to stay hydrated during your session

  • Bring a snack, changing can use up a lot of energy, bring a snack just in case.

  • PLEASE BRING A ROBE (super important for the winter months) because we will be switching gowns on location. It will also keep you warm between shots

  • Come to your session dressed comfortable in clothes easy to slip on and off, you will be changing on location, but I do my best to limit your exposure.

  • Wear easy slip off shoes, flip flops are ideal, for the cold months Uggs work great

  • Wear nude or skin toned (the closer to your complexsion the better) supportive strapless bra  PLEASE NO BANDEAU types.  ****This is extremely important****

  •     *** SOMA is a great place to shop for your strapless bra, Especially for mamas that need larger than a D cup, Bras are sometimes used to tuck dresses into place. Many of my clients have found great bras at Target as well.

  • Bikini cut or thong nude/skin tone underwear (many of my darker mamas have found great matches at Target and Torrid)

  • Come with hair and makeup done and bring your lipstick with you

  • Bring a towel if you are doing a water session

  • Bug Spray in the warmer months can help you stay comfortable especially if you tend to attract bugs

  • Bring shoes that you want in the photos we will change you out between shots

  • Bring those $1 hand & body warmers during the cold months

  • Be ready to strut your stuff! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

  • Contact me if you have any questions.



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