Newborn Sessions 

Those first moments of Baby’s life when they are serene and petite are so precious, but also so fleeting!  Our newborn portrait sessions will capture those moments, turning them into timeless pieces of art for you and your family.  Newborn sessions ideally take place within 21 days after birth to take advantage of Baby’s natural ‘plyability’.  Sessions include multiple poses using your choice of wraps and props.  Our Studio sessions are usually between 1-3 hours long to give plenty of time for Baby to rest and feed between poses.  We schedule a limited number of newborn clients so please reserve your session between 1-2 months before Baby is due.  We keep our newborn schedule very flexible, so don’t worry if baby doesn’t come on time.  Our outdoor sessions are done during the warm months and are about 45-75 minutes.  Contact us to reserve your session today.  

Studio Session Day

Prior to your arrival, we will have prepped the studio by laying out wraps and blankets, testing studio lighting and arrange the props you selected so that we have a seamless newborn session.  We also ask baby's parents to help in preparing for our session.  Please try to keep baby awake for 2-3 hours before the session and time their feeding schedule so they will be ready to eat when you arrive.  If you are close to by (10-30 minutes away) you can give baby a good feeding right before you arrive, then we can start your session once you arrive. A good feeding will help put baby in a full milk coma which makes it easier to position him/her into all those cute poses.  If you are nursing, please avoid foods that can make baby gassy or fussy.  A list of those foods can be found in this breastfeeding guide.  


PLEASE BRING A PACIFIER with you, as this is a must-have to soothe baby between poses, even if baby doesn't typically take a pacifier it can buy us a quick minute to catch the shot.  For family shots with baby, we encourage everyone to dress in white (or at least solid colored clothes), because it flows better with the setup. Please try to avoid pattern, plaids and prints, especially if we have sibilings, non-solid clothing can make headswaps difficult. Check out our What to Wear page for info. Mom can use one of our Flowy gowns, check out our Gown List for the gowns with the star (*) next to it for a gown to choose for you session.  Finally, if you have a special memento or item (wedding rings, dog tags, etc.) you would like incorporated please feel free to bring it.  Just let us know what you're bringing so we can plan it into the session.  Also, bring a change of clothes for mom & dad, incase baby has an accident on you.

Savage Mill Studio Newborn Photographer

Sit back and Relax

Having a newborn is stressful no matter what you are doing.  Don’t worry….while you’re at your session I encourage you to relax.  The studio is set at about 80 degrees to ensure both baby and parents are comfortable.  We have a comfy sofa, chairs, a boppy, a changing table stocked with diapers, wipes, and even toys to keep siblings occupied.    I won’t post any pictures but it’s not unusual to see Dad or Mom take a quick cat nap during the session.  So sit back and deserve it!  (Studio Experience) If you forgot something, don't worry we have diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and pacifiers on hand! :-) Downstairs on the 1st floor there is Rustiq Bakery so if anyone gets hungry you can grab some food and eat while we work with Baby.

Newborn Frequently Asked Questions

*When is the best time to photograph a newborn? 


Within 3 weeks of birth is best.  Typically newer babies, will sleep through the posing and revert back into their squished fetal positions easier.  Babies between 8-14 days old are very photogenic, but they also hit a belly growth spurt around this age and tend to cluster feed. I have found days 5-7 and 14-16 to be the "sweet spot."  I do not turn older babies, but they tend to lose a little flexibility and we may not be able to get those squishy balled up poses and the session may take a little longer. 


*Where does the session take place?


All newborn sessions take place at our studio located in Historic Savage Mill. We are located in the Carding Building Studio #308.  We are above the Rams Head Tavern. There is also a bakery located at the entrance of our building. Detailed instruction are sent with your session confirmation info.


*What time are newborn sessions done?


We like to start studio sessions between 9 am and 10 am. Most newborns tend to be sleepy at this time.


*How far in advance should I book a session? 


Sessions should be booked 4 weeks in advance of your due date to ensure I can get you in.  Don’t worry if baby doesn’t come on time….I build flexibility into scheduling so I can accommodate early or late babies.   Again I will try to accommodate if you need to book less than 4 weeks out.


*How long is a newborn session? 


Studio Newborn sessions, we  plan for 1-3 hours.  Outdoor Newborn Sessions we plan for 45-75 minutes.

This allows plenty of time for you and your baby to get comfortable and me to flow through numerous poses and props. I will not push a studio session past 3 hours. IF baby does not settle with in the first 1.5-2  and we do not have any acceptable images I will offer a reshoot.


*Is there a place to change and feed Baby? 


Our studio has chairs, changing table, extra baby items in case forgotten, refreshments, and some snacks to help keep everyone comfortable during the session.


*Can I bring my own props and heirlooms? 


Absolutely! These are your customized photos and I will try and incorporate any of your props, heirlooms, or mementos into your session.  Just let me know what you are bringing ahead of time so I can plan a complimentary setup.


*Are family shots included in a newborn session? 


Yes, with a full newborn session!  I love getting photos of newborns with the parents, or siblings.  Please let me know if you have more than four people coming to the session (in addition to the newborn) because additional fees may apply.  Please note this is for immediate family. If older sibling(s) are attending the session, we do have an area in which they can play quietly. IF for some reason they get upset and cannot be calmed within a few minutes we do ask that they are taken out to the area around the elevators or courtyard, recently we’ve had complaints from our floor neighbors about noise levels that we are still currently working through.


*Can you do newborn twins and triplets? 


Of Course!  However, extra fees may apply if I have to bring in an assistant to ensure the safety and comfort of your babies. 


*Is there anything else we should bring for a session?


Mom & Dad should bring an extra change of clothes for them, especially if we're doing naked baby family poses. Poop happens during these sessions, so bring an extra change just in case.



Breastfeeding Food Guide

This is a list of common foods to avoid while nursing to prevent a gassy and fussy baby

****We highly suggest if your baby is gassy to avoid the listed foods 48 hours before your session.****


  • Citric Acid foods and drinks:

    • Cranberries

    • Pineapple

    • Grapefruit

    • Oranges

    • Lemons

    • Strawberries

    • All berries

    • Tomatoes or tomato products

    • Chocolate

    • Peanuts (nuts in general)

    • Pizza

    • Spaghetti

    • Chili

    • Tacos/spicy/Mexican food/salsa

    • Ketchup


  • Gassy Vegetables:

    • Asparagus

    • Onions

    • Cucumbers/pickles

    • Broccoli

    • Cauliflower

    • Brussel Sprouts

    • Cabbage


  • Restrict Foods Such As

    • Soda

    • Coffee

    • Tea

    • Wine

    • Beer

*Check with your doctor to see if Dairy is an issue

**Guide by Dr. O’Connell: Newport Beach, CA (List courtesy of Ana Brandt Photography**)


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