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Covid-19 Liability Release

This Addendum has been added to our contract.

Client knowingly and willingly has consented to a photo session with Candids & Colors Photography, LLC.

Client understands that the virus Covid-19 has a long incubation period. Client also understands that carriers of the Covid-19 may not show any signs or symptoms while still being contagious.

Client understands that the photographer and staff of Candids & Colors Photography LLC. will take precautions, but due to testing limitations it is impossible to determine who has the virus and who does not.

Client understands that if anyone included in their session with Candids & Colors Photography LLC should test positive and/or diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of the session, they will notify Candids & Colors Photography LLC immediately.

Client releases Candids & Colors Photography LLC from any and all liability associated with a positive Covid-19 diagnosis following session.

Client confirms that he/she and anyone in their session group are not presenting the following Covid-19 symptoms

- Shortness of Breath

- Cough

- Runny Nose

- Sore Throat


Client understands that should any of the above-listed symptoms present themselves 14 days prior to the scheduled session, that client will contact Candids & Colors Photography LLC to reschedule.

Client understands that Candids & Colors Photography LLC. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any session at any point in time due to COvid-19 implemented regulations, health concerns, possible exposure, or any arising symptoms of Covid-19, and is not liable of any cost accrues by the client (ie. Hair appointments, makeup appointment, cakes, balloons, etc.) in association with client's session.

Client understands that client and any persons in the session party may be asked to wear a mask and are willing to do so.

Client understands by signing Candids & Colors Photography LLC. Contract of Service they are agreeing to the above terms of the Covid-19 liability release.

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