Family Sessions

Outdoor Mini Sessions are a great way to commemorate special moments with your family.  Our outdoor sessions are great for all situations, whether your are simply looking to capture your kids smile before they get to big…or finally knock out that family picture with the grandparents.   Outdoor family sessions include 2o minutes of on-location photography, for up to five people, usually done at a local park or landmark in Odenton.  Contact me to discuss potential location, themes, and timing your session!  

Family/Outdoor Sessions Frequently Asked Questions

*What if I have more than five people? 


There is an additional charge for families/parties of more than five people due to the increased amount of time it takes to get everyone photographed.     


*When do sessions take place? 


Outdoor sessions typically take place 1-2 hours before sunset this way we get optimal sunlight for your photos. Studio sessions are much more flexible on the time of day but typically take place between 10 am-4 pm.



*What if my kids do not behave?


We go with the flow.  We like to play and talk with kiddos during the session to warm them up.


*What should I wear?


Personally, We've always found it easiest to pick up one colorful piece and build around it.  So for instance, we would buy one son a multicolored plaid shirt, and then each of us would use a color from the shirt.  It’s all up to you, but if you want to talk it over before your session, contact us.  We also offer styling for an additional fee. We provide the clothes you just show up for the session!


* Still need the inspiration of guidance on what to wear?


Check out our what to wear and where to shop page.



Things to Bring to help make the session successful


  • Bug spray can make your session more comfortable in the warmer months and days. Please note that in the warm months we run the risk of running into ticks being outdoors. Be sure to check yourself after your session.

  • Bring water, even though this session is relatively quick having a drink can keep everyone comfortable

  • Sometimes young ones need coaxing to smile, we've found little things like fruit snacks or small candies like M & M's can help get a smile when given in between shots

  • Relax and go with the flow! The best pictures come when people aren't saying "cheese"